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The world is different for everyone

But probably better for some.

- they call me sylphia -
me, myself, and i
Cania. 16. female. Indonesian. Islam. called Sylphia. loves games. loves reading. loves writing. loves music. loves watching.
♥ kingdom hearts. final fantasy. dept.heaven series. tekken. pokemon. the world ends with you. starry sky. legend of zelda. tales of the abyss. tales of symphonia.
♦ naruto. bleach. one piece. d.gray-man. fullmetal alchemist. inuyasha. vampire knight. skip beat. ouran high school host club. special A. D.N.Angel. akagami no shirayukihime.
♣ SHINee. SNSD. Super Junior. 2PM. 2AM. miss A. f(x). Big Bang. 2NE1. u-kiss. MBLAQ. C.N.BLUE. F.T.Island. TRAX. CSJH The Grace. paramore. taylor swift. the cab. owl city.
♠ katekyo hitman reborn!. fairy tail. code geass. gundam 00. avatar: the last airbender. kaichou wa maid-sama!. digimon. soul eater. fruits basket. axis powers hetalia. vocaloid. durarara!!.
☺ supernatural. glee. smallville.


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